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Do you know the Information Technology spending in India to rise 6.8% in 2021?

There is no denying to the wordings of Arup Roy, Research Vice President at Gartner that the Covid-19 crisis was a wake-up call for many Information Technology companies to reignite and jumpstart the Information Technology practices and consequently elevate their budget on Information Technology in 2021

Moreover, sparked by hard work and an unmatched passion for technology, India has secured a well-deserved position in the global Information Technology industry. 


Top 11 Most Promising IT Companies in Udaipur


Okay! After all, this beautiful, patriotic and praiseworthy information about the Information Technology industry concerning its growth specifically in 2021, let’s move to the primary catchword “Top 11 promising Information Technology companies in Udaipur”.

Prior wordings prove that with the enhancements of the budget in the IT industry in 2021, the companies you will discover in this write-up will be going to boom or leave their distinct mark in the coming years and who knows maybe create a history.

Note: Before choosing, we have deeply analyzed the past work, client testimonials, and current performance of the company and came to this conclusion. If you feel we have missed a deserving organization, don’t shy away and write down the name of the organization in the comment section.

Ensure we are not highlighting the companies you already know about. The write-up covers the little-known companies that deserve some fame because of their hard work, dedication, and quality performance.



1 Object Developer


IT company in Udaipur - Object Developer

Without any doubt, this website is well deserving to be part of this list. Object Developer came into the picture 7 years back and has rapidly grown to become a full-fledged web development company. To date, they have completed an extraordinary 1500+ projects and have gained clients from all over the globe.

Website: https://www.objectdeveloper.com/

Contact no.: +91-7665991888

Email id: hello@objectdeveloper.com

Address: HN-99, Punjab National Bank Road, Near Jain Mandir, Sector 4, Hiran Magri, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313002



2 TarangSoft Solutions LLP



TarangSoft Solutions LLP is one of the gifted Information Technology companies of Udaipur. We should be glad and proud at the same time that this company is based out of Udaipur, India. Don’t get us wrong and wonder if we are blowing our own trumpet. The client’s testimonials themselves are irresistible and persuasive that proves the quality and excellence they are providing for years of consistent hard work over the last 5+ years.

Website: https://tarangsoft.com/

Email id: kshitij@tarangsoft.com

Contact no.: +91-0294-3552529

Address:  2nd floor, 6A/1, Ambamata Scheme, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001, India



3 PapaSiddhi



What we found a way more interesting in their website is the connotation of the word PapaSiddhi. So, they explained the meaning of Papa and Siddhi from PapaSiddhi. Well, don’t get us wrong, this is only one of the several things. 

Papa means father. Papa is an abbreviation of their main business strategy where,

P stands for Purpose

A stands for Acknowledge

P stands for Perform

A stands for Achieve

Siddhi means the acquisition of extreme knowledge

Website: https://www.papasiddhi.com/

Email id: info@papasiddhi.com

Contact no.: +91-9352904020

Address: 9, Durga Nursery Road Street No. 1, opp. Mehta Sadan, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001



4 Appsenor


Top IT Company in Udaipur - Appsenor

Appsenor was born in 2013 with a vision to develop classic mobile applications and websites for global use. They offer an exemplary service in the programming, design, development, and promotion of your website. 

Website: https://www.appsenor.com/

Contact no.: +91-99508-34560, +91-97821-77208

Email id: info@appsenor.com

Address: Lodha S.M. Complex, 569, 4th Floor, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


5 Splix Cube


IT Company in Udaipur - SplixCube Technologies

Splix Cube is one of the prominent and promising Information Technology companies of Udaipur, India that offers Web-app development and Digital marketing services in Udaipur. The aim is to help businesses and startups to prosper their endeavors on several digital platforms with the help of their digital products and services. 

Website: https://splixcube.com/

Contact no.: +91-7357343066

Email id: info@splixcube.com

Address: Navkar Complex, First Floor, University Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


6 Yug Technology


Best IT Company in Udaipur - Yug Technology

We can’t deny the quality and professionalism of Yug Technology and are impelled to put it up on this list. Yug Technology was founded in 2013. It is a web development and SEO service company in Udaipur. They have acquired lots of milestones in the journey. The mission of Yug Technology is to enhance the visibility and profitability of their valuable client’s brand and website. 

Website: http://www.yugtechnology.com/

Contact no.: +91-7300001727

Email id:  info@yugtechnology.com

Address: Kothari Impex, 302, 3rd Floor, 24, Patho Ki Magri, Subhash Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


7 Webyot Technologies



Webyot Technologies is also one of the well-deserving names which should be part of this mesmerizing list. Don’t trust me, it’s okay just go and have a look at their website’s first fold. You will understand what I am talking about. Webshore is an offshore development company consistently helping clients get excellent from the web with an entire range of mobile application, website development services. Visit the website once to find more.

Website: https://www.webyot.com/

Email id: info@webyot.com

Contact no.: +91-9521374992

Address: 303, Vinayaka Complex – A, Durga Nursery Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001, India


8 Wizorbot


Best IT Company in Udaipur - Wizorbit

Wizorbit is one of the best and promising Information Technology companies in Udaipur for the year 2021 and coming years. They offer the best quality software outsourcing solutions. With 432 pleased clients and 10+ years of industrial experience, this company made a sweet spot in our list ‘Top 11 most promising IT companies in Udaipur.’

Website: http://www.wizorbit.com/

Email id: info@wizorbit.com

Contact no.: +91-9414330414, +91-9660556213, 0294-2419120

Address: info@wizorbit.com



9 Kan Software


Best IT Company in Udaipur - Kansoft

Kan Software is one of the most brilliant It company in Udaipur. It would be hard to express the quality and excellence they are providing for 20+ years consistently through their impressive work. Kansoft was established in the year 2000 and is one of the leading Information Technology companies in Udaipur that offers software development and outsourcing solutions. 

Website: https://www.kansoftware.com/

Email id:  info@kansoftware.com

Contact no.: +91 294 2490111

Address: IT Park, G1-10, Madri Industrial Area, Transport Nagar, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001


10 Udaipur Web Designer


Top IT Company in Udaipur - Udaipur Web Designer

Backed by six years of a powerful experience, we can trust this one of the promising IT companies. The reviews from their clients are genuine, mesmerizing, and noteworthy that is tough to resist and has compelled us to add Udaipur web designer to our awesome list. 

Website: https://www.udaipurwebdesigner.com/

Email id: ervikramnathchouhan@gmail.com

Contact no.: +91-9602841237

Address: Shop No. 7, Sevashram Chouraha, Opposite Sevashram Parking, Udaipur, Rajasthan – 313001


11 Regal Outsource India


Top IT Company in Udaipur - Regal Outsource India

Regal Outsource India was initiated in the year 2012 and got successful in making a powerful mark in the outsourcing industry. It has acquired a name with some of the most reliable companies in the outsourcing segment. We should keep our eyeballs on this most promising IT company in Udaipur.

Website: http://www.regaloutsourceindia.com/

Email id: admin@regaloutsourceindia.com

Contact no.: +91 8829918888, +91 294 2980888

Address: F-39(B), IT Park MIA (Extn.), Udaipur – 313003, Rajasthan, India


Wrapping it up…


We wish the heartiest congratulations and best wishes to all the development companies mentioned in this write-up. May your business reach greater heights and attract more success. Apart from this, kindly let us know in the comments if we have missed any brilliant and underrated company which you feel should be part of this list.

If you are looking for exceptional website development, digital marketing, CRM software development, or any other IT solutions for your next venture, don’t hesitate to speak with us at TarangSoft Solutions LLP! Request your free quote here!


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