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Have you ever thought Instagram could be your go-to place to generate relevant leads?

It is an underrated platform when it comes to generating quality and relevant leads.

Did you know Instagram has 1.074 billion users worldwide?

I understand this is massive.

It clearly indicates that the people who are scrolling and scrolling on Instagram could be your ideal client or customer.

Don’t you feel so?

It would be quite impractical to believe that these people who use Instagram are different from your customers and your customers never use Instagram.

If you want to make sales, the platform you choose plays a significant role and today we are going to discuss how to produce leads using the #1 platform in today’s time i.e. Instagram.

Without any further ado, let’s dive in.

Instagram Profile Optimization

One of the easiest freemium ways to generate leads through Instagram organically is by optimizing your Instagram profile.

Yes, you just don’t need to pay anything to anyone.

Then, why miss out on such a huge chance.

1) Name and Username

Name and username are two crucial parts of any Instagram profile.

What you put in these two entities matters a lot.

If you are a salon owner and you have not mentioned it in name and username, then no matter if you mention it in bio or caption, your profile will never appear when anyone searches for salon owner or anything related to it on Instagram.

This is the reason why you cannot overlook these two areas.

For example, I searched for the “bakery” on Instagram and the results are on point.

The profile which is ranking in the first position is mentioned below:




How cleverly they have mentioned celebration bakery and sweets in both username and name?

So, what in the name of earth, it will not appear in the first position?

It’s a humble request to let anything happen but don’t forget to mention your brand name in name and username.

Let’s take another instance.

This time I searched for chocolate and here’s what I got.



I believe now it’s quite clear. Don’t miss this easy way to stand out and outrank your competitors!

Even if needed you can add emojis in the name as well to make it appear more appealing. Give it a shot.


2) Instagram Bio

Believe it or not but your Instagram bio is your elevator pitch.

It is a golden chance or venue to convince your readers and eventually generate a fair amount of leads.

It gives you an ultimate chance to persuade your readers to take a specific action.

The action could be anything.

For example to follow you, to visit a website, to grab their email address, to subscribe to your youtube channel, etc etc.

The Instagram bio section lets you enter 150 characters.

Use words that sell, use power, or influential words. Use words that solve the problem of your people.

Well, don’t worry. We are here to help you in that process!


How to write a perfect Instagram Bio?

If you want to write a perfect Instagram Bio and you feel it’s painless, you are absolutely correct my buddy.

Just need to give answers to the following questions in your bio and it would be brilliant to go.

1 Who are you?

2 Why should your viewers trust you?

3 Why should they follow you ( or whatever you want them to do)?

4 Call to Action – It can be anything. For instance
Watch my Youtube Video
Grab Your Free ebook
Visit website
Buy now, and
Whatever you want to achieve through your Instagram profile.

Pro Tip: Use emojis to evoke emotions. An emotional connection is crucial for creating long-term relationships with your followers. Don’t you agree with me on this?

Bonus Tips:
1 Use short lines
2 Individual bullet points
3 Relevant emojis at the beginning of each line

3) Instagram Highlights

It’s too troublesome to cover everything in the bio, here comes the highlights section that lets your visitors truly understand and analyze who you truly are, what you do, and lots more about your brand.

Another awesome spot to showcase your skills, expertise, USP, testimonials, services, and whatnot.


How can you use Highlights in favor of your business revenue?

1 Use 4 to 5 highlights, nobody is gonna look at more.

2 Use attractive and classic cover images that resonate with your brand theme.

3 Most importantly, the content of your highlights.

Here are a few suggestions, who you are, USP, awards, recognition, services, client testimonials, or any special thing you feel your visitors should know.


4) Bio Link

This is an extremely important venue to capture lots of traffic from Instagram.

How could you miss this spot?

This is the only place on Instagram where you can add clickable URLs or your only URL.

This link could be of:

1 Landing Page
2 Website
3 Youtube Channel
4 Facebook Page etc etc

These days most people who don’t have a landing page to showcase their links are using Linktree.

It is a freemium tool with the help of which you can display all your links under one roof.


5) Use of Instagram Captions

Instagram Captions are one of the super-powerful features on this platform and could help in generating plenty of leads if used efficiently.

The character limit of Instagram captions is 2,200 characters. 120 characters i.e. roughly 20 to 25 words are actually visible and after that more would be seen.

With regards to generating leads, these 120 characters determine whether you will win or lose the game.

Make this part so appealing and attention-grabbing that no one can ever ignore it.

You should know how to write perfect Instagram Captions.

Don’t fret if you don’t know already because the below mentioned are the ways that will help you to write an ultimate bio that will definitely skyrocket your business revenue.

1 Unavoidable First Line

If you could successfully write the unavoidable first line, who could break you off?

If anyone looks at that killer line, they just end up reading more and more of your content.

Most importantly, it should generate curiosity in the reader’s mind.

They have no other alternative, only tapping on to see more. If it’s done, let’s move to the second point.


2 Enticing Text

Each and every word of your caption after your first line should be enticing.

It should constantly evoke emotions and motivate readers to take a particular action.

Our mission is to facilitate readers to reach the end of the text.

If it’s done, believe that the battle is already won.



3 Use Line Breaks

Attempt to provide content in easy-to-understand points if possible.

We don’t want to bombard our entire text on the reader’s face and get them irritated, right?

So, using line breaks is an easy way to do it.

If you cannot divide it into points try to use short paragraphs to deliver your point.


4 Powerful Call to Action to boost engagement

Most people think it doesn’t matter if you provide CTA or not.

It will not add any value.

No matter how enticing content you have written in your caption, but without CTA it would be worthless.

Yes, people are reading your entire caption, people are spending a hell of a lot of time on your posts or on your profile, but at the end of the day what do we want?

What is our end objective?

The objective is to convert them into loyal fans.

Specifically, the purpose is to collect leads.

However, if you are not stating or instructing them what to do how will they do it?

This is a gigantic mistake many marketers or Influencers make, but we should avoid it.

For instance, you may have observed CTAs like

1 Double Tap if you agree
2 Comment below
3 Type Yes if you agree

You could mention CTAs like Link in Bio to actually send users to your landing page and collect leads. Doesn’t it sound great?

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