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In the times of Covid-19, it has become difficult for people to stay connected.

During the lockdown, people of a single workplace were forced to move to their native geographies.

That led companies to face huge losses.

But, now, the scenario has changed.

Companies are growing again and returning to their original pace again.

Do you also want to work and stay connected?

It is understandable that as a boss of the company, you need to create a healthy and controlled workspace even during absence from the office?

Try considering this solution: Buy Microsoft Teams.


What is Microsoft Teams? Who needs to use this app?


Microsoft Teams is a communication app.

It is the new collaborative approach that helps people stay connected and productive.

It is a part of the Microsoft 365 family and offers workspace chat and video-conferencing.

Coming down to who needs this application, the simple answer is that Microsoft Teams is for everyone.

Ranging from students to entrepreneurs and from teachers to businessmen, everybody can use Microsoft Teams.

It serves a major advantage of coming with the Office apps that one is fully aware of.

This way, it is a very easy-to-use application.

It is the hub for teamwork.

It allows you to communicate and collaborate from a single and secure location.

So, you can think about it as a four-in-one solution.

  • You have your communication or messaging, which is a rich, chat-based experience.
  • You can have online meetings where you can stay connected to people.
  • You can have access to calls using the app.
  • You have your native integration with the familiar Office apps.

And of course, with this comes enterprise-grade security to protect your data and your compliance and security controls.

All these experiences are available for the web browser as well as in your apps.

So, you can use all your devices running Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.




What benefits do I get if I buy Microsoft Teams?


Recently, Microsoft has extended the power of Teams to industry-specific workflows.

It includes highly regulated industries such as healthcare and frontline workers.

Teams are now having the option “Shifts,” which serves as a new schedule management tool.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get your hands on if you buy Microsoft Teams:


1 Organize your calendar: 

One can use the “Activity” tool to create and organize the to-do list for the day.


2 Have private or group conversations:

The “Chat” feature allows to have a personal one-on-one chat as well as a group conversation.


3 Collaborate internationally without any language issues:

The “Teams” option is the one where all the magic of collaboration happens. It allows working internationally, providing the feature to translate the texts in the required language.


4 Check and assign Policies:

Teams have the option “Users,” where the organizer can check the people present in a meeting and give a particular policy to every user. These policies include features like recording sessions and transcribing them.


5 Organize or join the meetings:

The option “Meetings” serves as a complete meeting solution. One can schedule or create a forum or can make a live event. This option allows sharing, video, and audio conferencing.


6 Stay Focused: 

While using the app, one can blur the background so that there are no distractions behind it.


7 Review:

Another essential feature is that you can “record” a meeting. This way, you can review your session. By recording, one can save the time to put up questions repeatedly if there is something not clear.


8 Stay Secure: 

Advanced Security” allows you to share critical personal documents and data with the peers.


9 Manage calls: 

You can use Teams on your desktop or mobile phone. It allows you to make calls and manage them by scheduling ‘Do Not Disturb’ for your defined hours and switching the option off whenever needed.


10 Integration with Microsoft Suite: 

Teams contain everything you need. It comes bearing gifts. Its integration with Office 365 apps provides you access to other essential apps like Outlook, OneDrive, SharePoint, Excel, OneNote, etc.


11 Increase in productivity: 

Using Microsoft Teams for the business lets you be more productive and efficient.

It helps in saving time for scheduling meetings and moving from one place to other for those meetings.

Moreover, you can stay home or wherever you are comfortable, change or blur the background and attend the meeting.

Well, have you got enough reasons to buy Microsoft Teams?



Concluding, we can say that Microsoft Teams is a very intuitive tool that helps in creating a very productive and involving work environment.

It is one of the best solutions available in the market for video conferencing.

To buy Microsoft Teams, you can visit Microsoft’s official website or contact Wroffy Technologies, a partner with Microsoft.

They provide installation services and original licenses so that there is no problem in upgrading the app and the threat of any cybercrime.


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